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Directory, Database and Marketing List 

There are many reasons why someone would want to contact a giftshop with certain information. Sometimes a dealer is looking for a gift shop that deals with a certain unique gift line while some want to sell accessories and supplies which are relevant to these shops. Maybe a dealer needs to approach a gift shop because he has novelty items that can be sold through the gift shop. In situations like that some emails and online catalogues need to be sent to the giftshops. In such situations, a lot can be achieved if someone looks through an Directory, Database and Marketing List of gift shops.

Gift shops normally sell similar items but that is also a reason for them to look for ways of making the chosen pool of items different from each other through design, material and strength. For example, two stores may sell rings and bracelets but when each bracelet is examined, people realize that there are products from different designers and each one has its own unique story or shape that makes someone else prefer it over another. Therefore, those willing to enter the giftshop business as suppliers of sentimental, spiritual or seasonal gifts can drive sales by offering products which are unique and desirable.

The trick buyers use to look for in a Database of giftshops

The buyer activity usually pushes the gift shop dealer to take up a certain niche. These are the few things that the end consumer thinks about before choosing a giftshop.

  • Locality: Most shoppers look at those nearest to their homes before taking a look at areas further afield. Therefore, if a supplier wants to sell products and build his brand locally, he should look for a list of shops which sell locally.
  • Themes: Giftshops in the marketing list are likely to fall into themes. There are gifts to do with family, love, remembrance and friendship and different beliefs. This is where someone can have a gift that has a quote engraved on it or cards with messages.
  • Occasions and Seasons: Some gifts are sold for specific occasions. Some occasions include Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines season and new year’s day celebration. Other times when people buy for each other are during anniversaries and thanksgiving day.

Some shops usually focus on just one theme or change their collections based on occasions. A person whose main niche is to supply the stores with discounted bulk gifts would want to know which of the stoes sell general items and which ones sell themed items. In that same way, wholesalers can get the Directory, Database and Marketing List and have contacts sorted according to these specialities.


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